Together in Verse:
The Pulse of your Love Story.
Editorial Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer in Tuscany, Available in Italy based in Siena.


My name is Federico Pannacci. I’m a Professional Italian Destination Wedding Photographer with a deep passion for candid wedding photography that integrates an authentic and creative portrait approach, while also forever capturing the most natural essence and hidden beauty of life’s most special moments.

With a keen eye for the smallest details, an understanding of human emotions, and the ability to weave in pure artistry into every photograph I take, you can rest assured knowing your wedding photos will be nothing short of something truly breathtaking.

I’m able to capture the most heartfelt and memorable moments of your wedding in a non-intrusive way. These include the tiny moments that are sparked with love, emotion, and timeless beauty that only happen once in a lifetime. It’s these special moments and wonderful memories I’ll capture for you, so you can enjoy and cherish them forever.
Based in Tuscany, between Siena and Florence, I'm Available in Sicily, Italian Lakes, Amalfi Coast, Puglia, Calabria and throughout the Rest of Italy, Europe and Worldwide.

Intimate Wedding Phographer
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Love is More than a Kiss
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Destination Wedding
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Editorial Wedding Photographer

Editorial Wedding

Over the years, the world of wedding photography has undergone significant evolution. For me, being a wedding photographer is not just about capturing moments; it’s a commitment to a specific artistic vision. This is why my editorial approach is a cornerstone of my wedding photography services. This method ensures that your memories are not only beautiful but also timeless. Unlike fleeting trends, my focus on documentary-style photography guarantees that your images will hold their emotional and aesthetic impact for years to come.

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    Oct. 2022
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    Certosa di Pontignano
Meet Me
Meet Me

Having a Personal Wedding Photographer means having a professional by your side who can convey your innermost thoughts and emotions


In the intimacy of an embrace or a hug from a good friend, we open our lives to others and are gladly received by them. The intensity of an emotion or the intimacy shared between two people in love stretches far beyond the bedroom. It’s a vibration – something in the air – and we all perceive it. This unspoken mystique can be suggested with the most subtle glance… it’s simply CHEMISTRY!


The Artistic Guild of the WPJA included me on their List of Outstanding Wedding Photographers for years.
First, I made the top 100, then the top 50 and in 2021 I was one of the top 25 wedding photographers in the world.
But I’ve decided stop competing. Contests like these tend to set up guidelines that sometimes define an approach to the profession that leaves little or no room for the creativity of the individual artist.

I’ve chosen you, instead.

I’ve chosen to break with the restrictions of the past and be free in my pursuit of the style of photography that is consistently fresh and contemporary, iconic and sophisticated. The kind of art that reflects the choices of my clients and not of my personal ambitions.

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If you believe that exclusivity doesn't necessarily mean detachment, that intimacy can also be portrayed as a sentiment and that happiness doesn't come with an expiration date then... congratulations!
You have just found the photographer for you.