A+J Wedding at the Sunrise in Chiantishire

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Sunrise Wedding in Fattoria di Corsignano

When you receive a wedding request and you see as object “Sunrise Wedding” you can say only: YES!!!! As a professional tuscan  Wedding Photographer it was the first time for me at the sunrise, but it was Amazing!!! The light was simply wonderful, lot of colors as orange and pink over the sky with all their undertone… I have to say thanks to these guys and their beatiful family. I’m proud to share on my blog this work and the story about this incredible Ceremony.


Flowers and Decorations: Agriflor Siena

Wedding Planner: Rosa Spatola ww.WeddingsMadeInItaly.co.uk

Location: Fattoria di Corsignano www.tenutacorsignano.it/

Hairstyle: Idee Intesta Parrucchiere – Loc. Ponte a Bozzone

Make Up: Centro Estetitco La Isla – Loc. Ponte a Bozzone

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