Engagement by Horses Nearby Castello di Leonina


M+C Engagement by Horses nearby Castello di Leonina and Crete Senesi

This is one of the moment that makes me Happy and Proud to be a Wedding Photographer in Tuscany. I always shared my love to my country and traditions, I was born in Siena the Town of “The Palio” and I grew up loving the Horses, this animal is simply incredible and beautiful! When i met the first time this couple, they told me lot of their passions and how many love they have for their animals, not only horses…! For me, it’s very special find a couple that live and take on together not also their life but also their passions, and talking about an engagement service or a couple’s portrait session what should be better to see them with their animals?!
I have to say you my friend many thanks, you gave me some special moment i will never forget!
We went nearby Castello di Leonina in the heart of tuscany summer to gallop over the “crete senesi” and lot of wheat field living incredible sensation of freedom…

Seeeee you soon 😉 Save the Date!

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