Lovely Wedding at Villa Rignana

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Lovely Wedding in Villa at Fattoria e Villa di Rignana

Hi my friends;
Finally I have found the time to post the preview of this wonderful wedding taken at the end of summer here in Tuscany.
As you probably know I’m a Wedding Photographer and an exciting season is ending, this helps me to spent a little bit of time on the blog.

This wedding gave me lot of emotions and chances to take candid and beautiful pictures; Rignana is one of my favourite place on earth, the match between beautiful  people and beautiful place it’s always winner!

The catholic ceremony was taken at the Abbey of Panzano in Chianti, the priest did a great job speaking all the time in French, for all the rest I have to say an Huge Big Thanks to this couple for the beautiful time spent together. Also the weather made a great job, the forecast said rain for all the day, but the clouds and the rain waited the dinner to come giving a beautiful sunny day!

Some important credits:

Venue: Fattoria e Villa di Rignana

Music: Francis from Danceparty

Mua: Mary Zamperini

Hair Stylist: Jury Ermini