The Scottish Wedding in San Galgano Abbey – Federico Pannacci

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The Scottish Wedding in San Galgano Abbey – Federico Pannacci

Hi Guys;

This is the hottest time of the year here in Tuscany and I am writing this preview thanks mostly to a cool morning breeze.

It has been a while since the last time I wrote a preview about a Wedding at the San Galgano Abbey.
I love this Abbey, its various spot lights, are for a Wedding Photographer better than a Toy Store for a child… more over, it’s a very wonderful and suggestive place….The Abbey with no Roof it’s one of most evocative place in the world.

For me, there are not lot of things better than work over there, especially when i have the chance to work with a very beautiful couple…

My dear Lucy and Arnì, thanks for the mood and the emotions you shared with me!

Enjoy your preview, with love: Your Wedding Photographer!

Juts few quick suggestion for this kind of wedding:

  1. The Abbey, looks very beautiful, btw in the middle of the day during the summer (July/August) the light it’s very very strong, and you will have half people in the shadow and the rest at strong light of the sun and against the sun; the best practice should to plan the ceremony after the 5 pm
  2. if you want to have the opportunity to have wonderful portraits inside it, consider that as usual, the best time to shoot portraits it’s before the 11 am and after the 6,30 pm in summer…

Some Credit About this Wedding: