Tuscan Farmhouse Wedding: A Real-Life Fairytale at Fattoria di Rignana

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Inside the heart of Italy’s picturesque countryside, Fattoria di Rignana stands as a testament to the timeless beauty and allure of Tuscany. As a Tuscan Wedding Photographer, I’ve had the privilege of capturing countless stories of love and union, but there’s something undeniably special about weddings in Italy, especially those set in the rustic elegance of Tuscany. Every time I arrive at Fattoria di Rignana, I’m reminded of the comforting feeling of returning home, much like a student venturing back after a long term away.

The wedding I most recently documented at Fattoria di Rignana was nothing short of magical. Embracing a simple and rustic style, the ceremony was a beautiful blend of warm tones and vibrant colors set against the backdrop of blooming roses. The green hues of the vineyards at the end of September mirrored the groom’s attire, perfectly complementing the natural beauty surrounding them.

One of the most heartwarming moments of the day was facilitated by the couple’s dachshund, who, adorned with a bow tie, brought the wedding rings to the couple. This unique ring exchange took place amidst the olive groves, with guests gathered around in anticipation. It was a testament to the couple’s personality and the intimate atmosphere of their special day.

In this celebration of love and commitment, it’s imperative to give a special mention to Simona of Tie the Knot.
As an exceptional wedding planner, Simona ensures that every event she orchestrates is a seamless celebration, free of hiccups and full of joy. Our ritual of enjoying a coffee before diving into the “getting ready” photography sessions is a testament to her meticulous planning and warm personality.

Furthermore, the talents of Juri Ermini, an extraordinary hairstylist, and Mary Zamperini, a makeup artist every bride dreams of, were indispensable. Their expertise not only enhanced the beauty of the occasion but also made the bride and everyone involved feel their best.

Venue: Fattoria e Villa di Rignana
Flower arrangement: Marilou Fiori
Catering: Cavalieri Ricevimenti
Hairdresser: @parrucchieremej
Make up artist: @maryl_make_up
Music and Lights: Danceparty.it
Wedding planning: @tie_the_knot_wedding_planning_