Tuscany Countryside Wedding at Lazy Olive

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Tuscany Countryside Wedding at Lazy Olive

As a Wedding Photographer here in Tuscany, I had been hoping to work in this farmhouse for a long time not so far from my house and studio.
As many of you know i live in Siena, with my Daughter, Fiancé and a Cat named Spritz!
Anyway, this place is magic for me, it is familiar, not only as a management but also as the atmosphere, it is really easy to feel at home and in the family,
more over, it’s beautiful and the view is something incredible, not the usual Tuscan that looks at the Chianti vineyards (of course, also vineyards are beautiful);
but here you can have the opportunity to learn about a very typical but not so obvious aspect of Tuscany.

To better introduce the photos I am about to share, I will tell you some details about the marriage:
The whole event took place at the lazy olive with the exception of the ceremony that was held with a Catholic rite in the church of Pieve di San Giovanni Battista in San Giovanni d’Asso;
a small medieval town famous for truffles.

I’m a lucky photographer, I met these guys three days before the wedding for their engagement shoot, immediately there was a feeling with them and we had fun!
Notwithstanding our first shooting was under a heavy downpour, but their engagement photos have already won two wpja (Wedding Photojournalist Association) awards.
I could also tell them to publish their engagement who knows …
Now a couple of important credits and I leave you to the photos

Wedding Planner – Birgit, it’s always a pleasure to work with you. https://toscana-mania.com
Lazy Olive: https://www.thelazyolive.com