Villa Petrea Wedding Story in Tuscany

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Hello, my name is Federico Pannacci, and I am a wedding photographer in Tuscany. This window overlooks my world filled with emotions, tears of joy, smiles, hugs, kisses, passion, love, and wedding cakes. As a seasoned wedding photographer, I’m dedicated to capturing these fleeting moments with grace and precision. For this Wedding Journey, to respect the privacy of these events, I try to publish as few photos as possible featuring guests, friends, and family, allowing the images that do make it to my portfolio to truly dazzle.

The first wedding of 2024, and also my first at Villa Petrea, was beautifully coordinated by my friend and wedding planner, Simona Coltellini (her website here:, who you can see in the photo below. When Simona calls, I always make it a point to respond. It’s a pleasure to collaborate with the carefully selected staff she brings along, ensuring each wedding is perfectly in this case captured by me as their wedding photographer.

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Despite the weather not being the best, it certainly wasn’t the worst either. One thing I’ve learned after many years of shooting weddings all over Italy—from Puglia to Lake Como—is that Tuscan weather, even when it seems most unpromising, always provides a clear window allowing the ceremony to proceed and enabling everyone to enjoy the event amidst vivid colors, subtle shades, and an incredible atmosphere.

I fell in love with Villa Petrea; it possesses a homely yet meticulously elegant atmosphere, perfect down to every detail. It served as the ideal backdrop for this aesthetically pleasing, sophisticated, and refined wedding, beautifully complementing the delicate and soft complexion of the couple from Canada. This experience further enhances my portfolio as a **wedding photographer in Tuscany**, showcasing my ability to adapt and excel in any setting.

As for tips on Tuscany, I have many to share. May is undoubtedly a great month for weddings, with temperatures that are warm but not too hot, and the atmosphere becomes warm and welcoming during the day with a slight evening breeze that makes any outdoor dinner delightful alongside a good glass of wine.

The location of Villa Petrea is extremely convenient, situated on the border between the provinces of Siena and Arezzo, right where the Chianti hills begin to blend with the landscapes of the Val d’Ambra.


I would like to add a personal note at the end of these photos. As you may have noticed, I often blend an editorial style with many spontaneous, natural moments where I allow my couples to fully experience their day without interference. In these moments, the true quality of being is captured. Although fashion, trends, and desires constantly push us toward the iconic, as a wedding photographer in a world dominated by artificial intelligence and social media filters, I believe it is essential to capture something genuine.
With All my Love.