A+M Wedding At Relais Il Falconiere Cortona

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A+M Wedding At Relais Il Falconiere Cortona

This post is very important for me, non only because is my first Wedding in Cortona, one of my favorite town in tuscany but for many reasons i will try to explain.

I always support the theory about a wedding can’t be only an exercise of reportage but also a way to improve our skills to obtain natural standing and posing pictures.

It’s important, add to wedding that touch of dream and intimate pictures where the photographer can put is personal helps to explain the connection between to people in love.

This is why i think only  a style makes the service boring for the readers, you cannot produce only pics with strange faces of the guest as you cannot produce only standing picture but the goal, is the good mix !

In my approach the best mix is 70% reportage with my color approach and 30% of stunning and natural poses more or less of course; anyway the most important thing is always what your customer ask to you but this is what happen with the most wedding.

All this introduction helps me to explain why this wedding is so important for me, it was a very intimate wedding, less than 10 people and the request was a dreamy approach with lot of natural posing pictures to explain the connection between the couple; I was Engaged for few wonderful hours spent with this amazing couple, their family and a very good staff;

The light of first day of july is very very hard, and it’s normal be a little be scared especially when the service is in the middle of the afternoon with the hardest light of the day, but with this guys everything was possible and I’m really proud and happy of these pictures, also if the mix is inverted as requested, 80% Portrait and 20% reportage i think everything is flow lighty…

Moreover, I have to spent few words about the place, Cortona is wonderful places over the Passignano sul Trasimeno Lake is a perfect place for a Wedding! I really love this wedding place as one on my favorite destination wedding, both the location was wonderful, Villa di Piazzano for the gettin ready and Relais il Falconiere for the intimate ceremony.

Other Credits:
Wedding Planner: Super Tuscan Weddingplanners
Mua: Giulia Ceccherini Makeup