Elopement Como Lake by Federico Pannacci Wedding Photographer


Elopement Como Lake by Federico Pannacci Wedding Photographer

Hello everybody; I thought long and hard on how to write this article, and what to say. It’s not every day that you have the chance to photograph a real model (Giada) and her partner in an elopement on Lake Como. These are the chances a photographer loves, both for the trust someone who works in the industry puts in you, and for the opportunity to work in a landscape that is so special and so different from where I usually work.

The actual reason I decided to post these photos and the selection I made is originated from our common wish – mine and the eloping couple – to let ourselves be who we truly are; I wasn’t tied to obligations on how to interpret the natural connection between two people who love each other; and they did the same, casting off the robes of the fashionable figures they are, and showing their true selves to me and my partner, allowing us to spend a fantastic afternoon.

I am always thrilled when I can enter the intimate love sphere of a couple; it’s a constant challenge to find the key to portrait at best someone you meet for the first time, or so to say.

I often hear respected colleagues I find very inspiring, speaking of “their photography”; I don’t believe I have “my photography”, rather my clients’ photography; it belongs to them and it must adjust to what they are and feel.

This is partly why I am happy to post these pictures; they depart from my typical interpretation, and they may appear quite different from what many people will identify as “my photography”, but that’s exactly the point; it isn’t mine! I haven’t invented anything, I have simply emotionally interpreted the recipients of these shots.

I also wish to thank Sony that lent me a Sony Alpha 9 for a field trial; for this work I’ve only used my Nikon d850 with 58mm and the Sony Alpha 9 with Sony 28mm F2.