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Human Connection

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The Human Connection and The Vision for me as a Wedding Photographer

Destination Wedding Photographer in Tuscany

Basically, the life of a Destination Wedding photographer means living with your suitcase ready at all times to meet your clients (and their dreams) anywhere in the world. Even though I work mostly in Tuscany where I live, I often find myself traveling throughout Italy – Sicily, Apulia and the lakes, just to name a few regions. However, I have also worked abroad and this takes the narrative of my photographic approach to a different, more evolved level that stretches beyond the simple “I know that villa where we can get some nice shots” or “There is a lovely landscape here where we can take some great photos”…

Here’s why my style of photography is inquisitive and intriguing.

I stay focused on the light and on your emotions because an image can only remain dynamic and significant over the years if it is full of life.

Human Connection:

Every human being is unique and the way each couple weaves together the elements of the relationship together is just as unique. These elements are glances, embraces, caresses and kisses… moments of shyness and even of discussions and an occasional argument but if you are here today that means that even those arguments were cleared up and you have created an even stronger bond. Every single expression, even the smallest and most delicate between you, fascinates me and are the spark that inspires me to write a story for you and set it in a frame.


What is intimacy? All too often we don’t look much further than the most superficial definition of this word. It’s easy to visualize a bedroom or a sheltered environment where two people are locked in an embrace in front of a roaring fire. There’s no doubt about it, these frames are evocative, beautiful and certainly engaging…but to better understand my vision as a photographer who is committed to portraying something more about who you are, we need to broaden the view…

I looked the word up in the dictionary and found some interesting definitions:

a relationship of friendship, trust and binding familiarity…environments we find ourselves in surrounded by close friends, family and loved ones…a place where we feel completely free and at ease, far from the indiscretions of strangers…atmosphere. This is exactly what I want to preserve for you. I want to be a watchful eye, discreet and conscientious of the intimacy of your event that you are sharing with friends and family, surrounded by the people who love you and protect you…

Here is the value of intimacy and, along with everything else, that is what I want to preserve and portray through the use of my camera because my vision is you!


Looking up in the dictionary I find, among other interesting meanings:


friendship, confidentiality, close familiarity…environments where a person is among intimate people, among family members, or where he or she feels perfectly free and at ease, far from prying strangers…atmosphere…


Our journey is about to begin

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