Italian Wedding Photography Packages

I created this page, to give you an overview of my services and give you all the information you need to know not only as my future client but as a future married couple.

As a Destination Wedding Photographer, I am based in Tuscany, during the high season I often travel around Italy and I reach my customers wherever I am required to create together with them the album of their memories.

The Wedding Season is divided into two main periods, from May to mid-October is the most intense period, that I define high season, in this period I have many commitments and it is easier to be available in Italy and in Europe. In the low season, from November until the end of April I can follow my customers outside Europe around the world.

  • Based
  • Main Destination in Italy
    Apulia, Sicily, Amalfi Coast, Como Lake, Garda Lake, Umbria.
  • Main Destination in Europe
    Switzerland, Balearic Islands, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Greek.
  • Worlide
Info about Wedding Photography Photoshoot in Italy

Our Journey starts here

If you found your interest here I have probably tingled your interest. As a wedding photographer I have a lot to offer, trying to do and see things differently. I want to make sure I’m the perfect choice for your wedding. I am a craftsman in photography, being inspired by the emotions. I strive to always make completely original and different wedding photographs drawing inspiration both from you as a couple and as single individuals.

  • Engagement

    2 Hours
    More than 300 Photos Delivered
  • Half Day

    5 Hours of Coverage
    More Than 300 Photos Delivered
  • Wedding Day

    8 Hours of Coverage
    At least 700 Photos Delivered
Add-Ons And Additional Services
  • Second Shooter
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • The Day After
  • Fast Delivery
  • Drone is Always included starting from the Half Day


The Big Day

This is the package for those who wish to have a full-service experience, perfect for weddings with 60 guests and more.

This offer includes:

  • Main Photographer
  • Second Photographer
  • Up to 10 Hours of Coverage
  • More than 700 photos delivered
Federico Pannacci Wedding Photography Studio

For any needs you may have,
my studio is organized to build around you the wedding photography service of your dreams.
We can travel across the entire Italian territory to capture your memories

Epic Packages

  • Thoughtless

    It’s my most popular package as it includes a Full day of wedding coverage, an engagement portrait session and a Wedding Fine Art Book . Engagement sessions are incredibly helpful to prepare for the wedding day. It’s a chance to unlearn how you’ve previously had your picture taken and get a full sense of what to expect from me and my approach so it’s not even a thought come wedding day.

  • Photo and Video

    It’s the best option if you want to add to my pictures also a professional movie of your wedding day! I propose only my creative trust and partner so this pack is available only if we both are available and includes:
    – my full day service
    -10 hours of video coverage, an emotional and exciting video that will tell your great day in a dynamic way accompanied by music and editing (powered from my exclusive partner )

  • Double Vision

    This is the most exclusive package:
    • 2 top-notch photographers with over 12 years of experience
    • 2 unique perspectives of the same story
    • 2 different editing styles & galleries, perfectly blended together to give you double the quality and double the emotion.
    You’ll love the exclusive experience: it will make you relive your very special day not once, but twice!

Frequently Asked Questions

What to ask your wedding photographers

I am trying to describe a question guidelines about the couples are looking for the right Photographer.

Obviously, you can use my F.A.Q. as guidelines also if you will meet other photographer.

How would you define your style of photography?

I personally shoot with a deep passion for an editorial and candid wedding photography that integrates an authentic and iconic portrait approach. Robert Doisneau told, “The most beautiful and simplest reflex of all is the spontaneous desire to preserve a moment of joy destined to disappear.”

I have some ideas, I would like can you do these?

Of course, I love to hear new ideas and we can talk about it, brainstorming started!

Can you show me a complete set of recent wedding pictures?

On my website, you will find the section of my blog real weddings and my photo homapage galleries, where you will see complete reportage and galleries of my wedding. All weddings and pictures you will see on my website are taken during Real Weddings!

Are you a Professional?

Of Course, this is my VAT Number 1357840527

Are you insured?

Yes, I am insured for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity.

 Are you a member of some professional photography organisations?

Junebug included me in the list of the best wedding photographers in Italy and The Artistic Guild of the WPJA included me on their List of Outstanding Wedding Photographers for years. First, I made the top 100, then the top 50 and in 2021 I was one of the top 25 wedding photographers in the world.
But I’ve decided stop competing. Contests like these tend to set up guidelines that sometimes define an approach to the profession that leaves little or no room for the creativity of the individual artist. I’ve chosen you, instead.

 What happens if it rains?

No Panic, Keep calm and Trust me! First of all you must remember that is your Day, I’ll do my best and all my self, I’ll make the rain special for you, the effect of rain should be romantic and mild…

What happens if your Equipment has a problem?

I have backups, and I have backups for my backups. Basically I have a 3 body of professional camera equipment. So if a camera or lens were to fail I have another. The same happens to my computer equipment for processing your photos and how I store your image files. I have also various file backup Hard Drives.

Can my other guests take pictures?

Of course they can. I positively encourage them to get involved and when is possible I like share some trick about my experience as Professional Photographer, but the only important thing is that in the most important moments they don’t obstruct me and don’t use flash or artificial light indoor during the ceremony.

Do you Offer Other Service ?

Yes, I have package for Engagement, Elopement, Trash the Dress, Portrait, Editorial or Family Portrait. Moreover, if I don’t have a package I can make it for you. No Problem.

Can you take a picture of my friend / Parents / Animals / Family group Etc... ?

Yes, yes, yes and yes of course, if there are any “must-have” pictures on the day, just let me know. The only I need to ask you is, if there are a lot of formal group images to be taken, then please allow me a little more time within your planning schedule.

Sometimes ago I heard something about photo release or model release. What is it exactly?

Is the permission you give to a photographer to publish your picture on his website, contest, social professional page, but the most important thing is that your choosing me because you’re loving my works, someone before has released the opportunity to show you the pictures of their wedding. Obviously my Goal is make you happy, and I will post only wonderful Pictures. Oh… All my pictures are wonderful! However, don’t worries, if don’t want sign the photo release, there is no problem I will Happy and proud to work for you anything!

How many images can I Expect to see from my wedding?

At least 700 pictures for a Full Service Day, and At least 300 Pictures for an Half Day Service, all pictures will be post processed, colour, balance, exposure, black & white, but I don’t Have a Limit! I will delivery all pictures I think are representative of your wedding.

How long does it take to see the proofs from my wedding?

Usually, if you give me the permits or photo release to publish your pictures, in the week after your wedding I will post some pictures preview on my Blog or on the Social Networks, in my Experience I Have seen that this allow to maintain the spirits of wedding in the days after. However, I don’t gives proof or preview; you will receive my work completely finished. I need between one and two months to finish the post editing of the images. I select best picture and most representative of your story, all pictures delivered are made by my post process, colour balance, B/W and various improvement, I decide what type of change make on the base of light and shutter I did (BTW you can ask me later other modify as optional service. All pictures delivery are to the highest resolution in jpg file). BTW you can ask me later other modify as optional service. All pictures delivery are to the highest resolution in jpg file.

I can’t Wait; Lot parents and friend at home are waiting for…?

Post process take many times, I don’t use Plugin or ready-made effect, I really want you happy when you will receive your pictures, and I will have around 8000/10000 Pictures to overview. However, I have an optional service; I can give you 40/50 pictures post processed in 48 Hours after the ceremony. You will back at home with a great preview of your B-Day.

Do I receive a disc of Images, or do I Have to order all prints trough you?

You will receive the link to your private Gallery, from the gallery you will be able to download all your photos at the highest resolution possible, invite your parents and friends and share. The gallery will remain available for at least one year. You will be able to make any print you want wherever you want.

You will able to make the Album of our Wedding?

I have several solutions that I can propose to you, suppliers that deliver and send all over the world high quality albums that we will draw together on your ideas and needs.

Are you photographing other events on the same day as mine?

NO! I will photographing Only One, Your Wedding! Also in case of half day service I want be focused only on your wedding!!!!!!!

What type of equipment do you use?

I have the best solution from Sony for Professional, I’m Using Sony ALpha 1 Cameras, Prime Lens made by Sony G-Master and Flash Light by Profoto.

How far ahead do I need to book my photographer?

In these modern times a lot of couples plan their wedding in a relatively short time period, so I can and do get bookings at relatively short notice. Therefore, the upshot is book early if you can. But if you do have a last minute booking just ask, if I can’t help you, I can perhaps help find you an alternative photographer. Currently due to demand for my services I’m booking weddings up to also one year ahead.

My Wedding is not in Italy is that a problem?

Not at all. Firstly, I’m a Destination Wedding Photographer, I do weddings throughout Italy mainly in Tuscany; for more remote locations, or “Destination Weddings I can also do weddings anywhere in the Europe and also Overseas, I need to add a travel supplement but this would be just to cover My expenses at cost.

How much is the deposit? Moreover, what is your cancellation policy?

After the Pandemic situation, I’m asking only the 20% as confirmation policy.

How we can pay you?

You can pay me by Bank Transfer, Transferwise or Semup.

Let's Go!!!!

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Love is more than a kiss
Love is more than a kiss

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