Prewedding Photography in Rome, Trastevere by Federico Pannacci


Engagement Session in Rome, Trastevere by Federico Pannacci Photography

It usually happens some one get in touch with me to hire a PreWedding Photography Session or Engagement Photography Session, for me there is not a huge difference in the approach! This For Example.
It’s a service taken in the one most characteristic area of Rome, Trastevere.
The approach is completely taken as lost in the city, i don’t live in Rome, as i don’t live in Barcelona, Madrid, London, Libson where i have taken the same kind of service…
and I always love lose my self in the space hunting the light!
Anyway for me, the most important thing is that Wedding or Not, Prewedding or Not, Life is too short to don’t have a beautiful portrait with the people you love.